Our Microsoft consulting service is founded in our Discover-Deliver-Evolve approach, which has been proven in even the most complex deployments.

Discover: Discovery as a deliverable

The power of the Microsoft platform can transform your organisation. But it’s this very power that creates complexity for organisations who want to get the most from their Microsoft investment.

Our discovery service is the key to unlocking Microsoft’s capabilities. Our expert consultants will work with you to understand where your organisation is placed on its digital transformation journey, the challenges you’re facing, and your organisation’s end goals. We aim to prioritise your requirements and identify the scope of the project, from initial minimum viable product to potential future phases.

The output is a clear set of recommendations detailing which Microsoft services will help you to achieve your goals. You can then choose to commission us to implement the recommendations, run the project internally, or use the document to create a tender for implementation services.

Deliver: Project deployment

Working closely with you, we will deliver your core requirements in the form of an initial minimum viable product. We use a series of fortnightly sprints, with the system demonstrated at the end of each sprint. The system will be available for testing, giving you an early opportunity to provide feedback and refine the design.

We follow a ‘system first’ approach to project development. This means that, where practical, we use out-of-the-box features and then customise where necessary to satisfy any specialist requirements. All customisations follow Microsoft-supported guidelines and best practice. This approach minimises delivery time, keeps the standard Microsoft guidance and training relevant, avoids unnecessary risk when upgrading and empowers you to take ownership of the solution moving forward.

Evolve: Agile evolution of the solution

As your business evolves, we can work with you to evolve your system. For instance, we can:

  • Add new features to support your changing operations
  • Automate processes to increase productivity
  • Integrate with internal and external systems
  • Empower external stakeholders with integrated web portals.