We were early adopters of Azure cloud technologies and continue to deliver projects for our clients which leverage the full power of Azure. Deploying Microsoft Azure helps our clients to reduce their infrastructure costs and benefit from the bespoke systems Azure enables us to create.

Microsoft Azure data migration

We can get your existing data cloud-ready and transfer it to Azure. Within your new cloud environment, we can use Azure’s flexibility to build applications that use your team’s preferred language and which have all the bespoke features you require.

Microsoft Azure data integration

Integrate your organisation’s systems with Microsoft Azure using our proven methodology. We can create a bespoke system which delivers the data from your CRM, databases or applications, accurately and with minimal downtime.

App migration to Microsoft Azure

There are many benefits to migrating your existing software to Azure, including reduced costs and future scalability. We can modify and adopt your existing code to Azure, seamlessly.

Microsoft Azure consultancy

If you prefer to develop apps in-house, we can advise your team on how to create their own Azure deployments. We keep up-to-date with the evolving capabilities of Azure to ensure that we can provide the best possible assistance.

Why our clients commission our Microsoft Azure consultancy

Flexible approach

We use an agile approach to delivering projects; however we are completely flexible and can integrate with your preferred methodology if you require.

Collaborative ways of working

We are a small team of data management specialists, which ensures that an expert leads and delivers your project. However, we often flex to accommodate larger pieces of work by drawing on a pool of skilled and proven UK-based consultants. We also have relationships with several partner consultancies to provide advice in specialist areas

Optimum communication

We operate a 100% on-shore model, minimising language and time zone barriers and optimising the management of each client’s project.

Proven methodology

Our Discover-Deliver-Evolve methodology has been proven in complex projects in both the private and public sectors. This approach guarantees delivery of quality solutions to schedule and within budget.

Senior leadership

A senior consultant will work on each and every one of your projects, from initial feasibility to on-going support. This ensures that the specialist knowledge our consultants bring to every project is not only implemented, but also retained if you need on-going assistance.

Unlocking the potential of the cloud for a financial services company

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