Our new ChatGPT integration for the Dynamics 365 customer engagement apps is all about efficiency. The integration uses the ChatGPT chat bot, which is powered by artificial intelligence, to streamline customer service tasks. It simplifies the workload of customer service agents, salespeople and the marketing team.

At the core of the integration is ChatGPT’s intelligent screening of customer interactions. Every touchpoint that’s captured on your Dynamics 365 system can be almost instantly analysed by the bot to create a succinct summary of events. For instance, when a team member opens a customer’s history, ChatGPT will read all the content in the timeline and quickly summarise the case. This enables the user to glean important information without having to spend time reading multiple emails and other timeline information such as notes.

This screenshot shows the bot in action:


The user can then ask further questions and the bot will provide more help. Examples include: “are there any outstanding actions?”; or “how severe does this issue look?”. The integration will soon include pre-determined prompts.

This close-up of the screenshot above shows the bot’s responses to further questioning:


Alignment with data privacy best practice is an important part of the widget. Customer data is not retained by the bot; nor do OpenAI (the company that created ChatGPT) use the data to train the model.

Our next stage of development will be to enable the bot to automatically reply to a customer’s emails if the sender has not included enough information on their case. Watch out for our follow-up article on how we built the widget and the challenges we faced.

We are working on further ChatGPT integrations for the Dynamics 365 customer engagement apps. And, once we have full access to the plugin API, we will have even more integrations available. To find out how we can integrate the benefits of the bot into your systems, please get in touch.

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