Maximise your participation in the reserve markets by securely connecting with National Grid’s Platform for Ancillary Services.

The deadline is fast approaching for STOR and Fast Reserve market participants to connect with National Grid’s Platform for Ancillary Services (PAS). Integration with PAS will soon become a pre-requisite for companies to participate in National Grid’s reserve markets.

But how can you integrate safely, securely and cost-effectively?

TrueNorth’s PAS Participant Framework has been specifically designed to enable electricity providers and high volume consumers connect to PAS. The Framework, which leverages our deep knowledge of cloud-based integration, is implemented for you by our expert consultants.

As a result, you will be ready to take full advantage of future opportunities with National Grid.

Scalable, flexible and extensible

Scale the Framework to support varied assets across multiple sites. Communicate using the industrial protocols supported by your existing control systems. Maximise the return on your contracts by combining your assets in the most cost-effective way. Extend your PAS participation by entering future reserve markets as they come online.

Secure by design

Using our Framework means that your internet-connected energy assets are protected with robust, in-depth security. By following the guidance of the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure for industrial control systems, the risk of exposing your energy assets to the internet is mitigated.

Rapid implementation

Our PAS Participant Framework has been proven with other electricity providers for STOR and Fast Reserve contracts. It will get you up and running quickly and cost effectively, with minimal capital investment.

How we connected a power generation company with National Grid’s PAS

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